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OperationBigBookBag (OBB) is a program designed to address the needs, challenges and issues that face school-aged children who are educationally at-risk, in local homeless shelters and extended-care hospitals and facilities. Through this program, we collect and donate educational materials, equipment and school supplies to students, educators, and schools in our service area. Zeta Alpha Sigma actively participates in OBB each year during either the fall or spring school semester.


The Women’s Wellness Initiative focuses on health issues that impact women; specifically, women of color. Zeta Alpha Sigma's Women’s Wellness Initiative efforts include, but are not limited to Breast Cancer Awareness, Intimate and Domestic Violence, Heart Health, Diabetes Health, Mental Health and other issues that target women. Each year, our chapter raises money for national health organizations such as St. Jude to support research and health improvement efforts for our community in addition to running social media campaigns and hosting wellness events.

 SWIM 1922 

Swim 1922 was created to address swimming and water safety disparities in communities of color. According to the CDC, 70 percent of African American children and 60 percent of Hispanic children in the U.S. do not know how to swim. Additionally, African American children are three times more likely to drown than Caucasian children. Through the partnership with USA Swimming, Sigma Gamma Rho’s Swim 1922 campaign aims to address this disparity by teaching the community about water safety and how to swim. Zeta Alpha Sigma participates in swim education through successful water safety social media campaigns, and we look forward to hosting a swim clinic in the near future.


Project Cradle Care is a collaboration between Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. and the March of Dimes that seeks to improve pregnancy outcomes in high-risk communities by increasing the number of women of childbearing age who receive adequate prenatal education and care. The program also focuses on educating moms about proper infant care and child development. As an annual Founders' Day tradition, Zeta Alpha Sigma donates several baby baskets to the first born baby girl on our Founders' Day at multiple hospitals throughout Atlanta. Additionally, we collect and donate baby items specifically for premature babies and teen mothers. Our chapter also actively raises money for March of Dimes each year. 


The Annual Youth Symposium is held simultaneously, on the second Saturday of March by all Alumnae Chapters across the nation. The Youth Symposium is designed to highlight some of the prevalent concerns that negatively impact our youth (drugs, teen violence, abuse, low self-esteem, suicide, teen pregnancy, human trafficking, etc.). Zeta Alpha Sigma hosts the Youth Symposium each year, partnering with middle schools and high schools in our service area. In addition to hosting fun and interactive symposium sessions, we also donate money to support local organizations like The Boys & Girls Club.